Megastar Launches Global Performance Competition

Megastar is launching a one-month global competition — The Megastar December Spotlight: 2017, to close out the year with a bang, and launch some new winner with a $25,000 top prize in early January. Here’s how it works: Performers submit one video to the Megastar app. Fans will then start voting on their favorite video on the app until the first week of January. Judges will then review the top 20 videos to make sure you’re following the rules and meet all the criteria. They will graduate 10 top videos to the finals round. Fans will then ultimately decide the winner. In the last five days, fans will decide who in the top 10 go home with the big prizes.

There is no limit to the number of performers who can enter. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. You cannot submit a video previously submitted to the Megastar App.


First Prize: $25,000 USD.

Second Prize: $5,000 USD.

Third Prize: $2,500 USD.

Winners will be announced on Jan. 10

To enter, visit