Instrumental Music Needed For National/Regional Broadcast Ads

A music publishing, licensing and production company with offices on the East and West coast is seeking new composers and musicians to help grow their very high production value catalog of songs, "non-lyrical" songs, and instrumentals specifically created for national and regional broadcast ads. Their credits include Google, Facebook, Tommy Hilfiger, Nestea, Tyson, Nike, Starbucks, McDonald's, Subway and more.

Immediately seeking music specifically targeted for apparel/beverage ads. Seeking synth pop instrumentals or non-lyrical instrumental cues.

Descriptive Terms: Anthemic, confident, empowering, energetic, exciting, fresh, fun, inspiring, optimistic, positive, pumped, relevant, youthful.
Phoenix: J-Boy
Chvrches: The Mother We Share
Bleachers: Don't Take The Money

-Do not think stock music, be creative and push the boundaries
-Be inspired by the reference tracks
-Don't rely solely upon loops, be creative in your programming and take chances
-Have great energy

-Tracks should not be too dark, be positive
-Create great arcs with dynamic movements and excitement

To submit your music visit, submitmx.com/projects_listings.php?id=1600