Industry Profile: M Entertainment Works

M Entertainment Works (MEW) president Hitoshi Miyata has always been a visionary. From his early days as a musician in the late ‘80s to his current status as an innovative entrepreneur, he’s continually kept his hand on the pulse of cutting-edge technology. In the ‘90s, Miyata began creating multimedia and online content and has been a developer and consultant in expanding avatar and XR technologies. 

Music Connection recently spoke with Miyata to get his unique perspective on how MEW can assist creative artists and musicians in expressing their original content via exciting avenues such as “Motion Creation Technology,” “Avatar Creation Technology,” “AR Technology” and “NFT Technology.”

M Entertainment Works Mission Statement

“We are a company of creators who are passionate about their work and about making the world a bit more interesting. We combine eye-popping entertainment with original ideas and the latest technology to empower the creativity of talented artists around the world.”

Empowering People’s Creativity                    

“We believe what MEW will provide is a tool that can help people discover new ways to use and enjoy things that we never imagined, and help them create something. In the digital world of entertainment such as the Metaverse, everyone will not be an observer, but a participant, a broadcaster. They will exist in a circle of empathy where new values and communication will become the norm. In a world where everything that is created can be realized, we will provide all kinds of opportunities; including the means for everyone to express themselves equally, transcending barriers and creating the joy of living. That is our idea of entertainment.”


“This is an experimental platform that provides a new musical experience using the package of MEW’s technology. It is very simple as an experience, but it has been developed with the most advanced technology. You would point your smart device at an object shaped like a chair, and the artist will come and perform for you. You can also record and edit the performance from the user’s point of view and publish it on social media, just as if you were controlling a video camera. Of course, you can also shoot a video of yourself collaborating with the artist.”


“This will be the world’s largest digital archive of creations; including music, dance, sports, fashion, acting, animation and products. They will be not only tradeable, using blockchain technology like NFT, but also traceable, with rights enabling distribution of revenues to those created. It will be a platform that empowers the creativity of people.”

The Differences and Similarities Of “Motion Creation Technology” and “Avatar Creation Technology.”

“‘Motion Creation Technology’ enables us to extract 3D motion data from ordinary videos while we use ‘Avatar Creation Technology’ to create a digital human that uses the motion data. They are similar in a way that augments possibilities of the current, previous and future creativities and existences. They are different as they both play different roles in a project.”

The Challenges Presenting “Augmented Reality (AR)” and “Non-Fungible Token (NFT)” Technology to Artists and the Consumer.

“I think the challenge is to communicate complicated nature in a simple way and create a situation where everyone can participate. MEW considers that part to be the most important. And every day we are developing and designing technology to realize that idea.”

MEW’s Motivation for Involvement with the GRAMMY Awards Gift Lounge

“The Grammy Awards, the world’s largest and most respected music event, has been a stage of longing for me since I was a child. However, my motivation for participating this time is not that, but respect for the music. At this point, we believe that our technology is the best match for the music. We hope that everyone that visits the Grammy Gift Lounge will simply enjoy the work that we have created while having fun. We will also be giving away miniature scale gifts for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own home for the work you experience at the event. This is a special gift made for the Grammys and will not be sold to the general public.”

Artists MEW Wants to Be Involved With

“We are currently working on a project with a prominent musician in Japan. But we will be very happy if we can find musicians who are interested in our technology by showcasing it backstage at the Grammy Awards.

MEW’s Short and Long Term Goals

“The first thing we want is to make sure that everyone enjoys the experiences with our products. At MEW, we believe that technology must be used to enhance the joy of human life. On top of that, we would like to bring the best experiences to all people. We want to create a chain of creative ideas that brings smiles to the faces of our neighbors, with the aim of creating a better society.” •

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