MXL Microphones Lowers Price of Innovative DX-2 Microphone to $99

MXL Microphones is lowering the MAP price of its new DX-2® Variable Dynamic Instrument Microphone from $149.95 to $99, effective immediately. The DX-2 features an innovative variable control knob for blending the tone between two distinctly different capsules to dial in your sound.

Since its launch last year, the MXL DX-2 has received rave reviews from recording professionals across the pro audio industry. MXL's National Sales Manager Steve Curto says of the motivation behind the price drop, "Every single review and user experience [of the DX-2] has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone needs to jump in." The price drop from $149.99 increases the accessibility of the DX-2 for more price-conscious recording professionals.

The MXL DX-2 is the first dual capsule dynamic microphone that allows you to tailor the sound from one capsule to the other and all points in between, so that you can customize your sound. The front of the microphone is a flat-faced, side-address design with high SPL tolerance for placing the microphone capsules close to the sound for optimal pickup. The back side of the DX-2 features an innovative crossfade knob, making real-time adjustments a breeze.

Capsule 1's super cardioid large capsule design captures the fullness of your instrument while Capsule 2's cardioid small capsule offers superb mid-range and high-end detail. Designed with a sturdy all-metal body construction for enhanced durability to withstand extended on-stage use and internal MOGAMI® wiring for unmatched clarity. 

The MXL DX-2 to date has been nominated for two distinct industry awards in the "Best Microphone" category in 2017, the Sound on Sound Awards, and the NAMM Show TEC Awards.

The MXL DX-2 with new pricing will be on display at the upcoming AES Show in New York City, Oct. 18-20, Booth #534.

For more information, visit mxlmics.com/microphones/studio/DX-2/.