New Music Critique: Seedmusic


Contact: [email protected]

Web: youtube.com

Seeking: Visibility
Style: A.I.-Generated Procedural

Recordings from this Norway-based music-maker demonstrate his observation “Music is math and algorithm,” and to prove it he generates lengthy themes conjured by a software he calls MuGen––The Music Generator. The instrumental themes that result are, as you might expect, quite cold, crafty, and mechanical. “Carbon Bass” has a trance-like vibe and builds drama by adding layers of sound. The 13-minute “Bass Lifeforms” is softer, more introspective, a calming composition. The super-speedy “Trans” is almost comical in its quickness, though it possesses a dark undercurrent. All in all, we’re not sure if leaving the creative initiative to an algorithm is the best route for a composer to take. Watch out, human artists!