Signing Story: Oh Honey


Mitchy Collins, half of Manhattan’s Oh Honey, had spent quite some time in search of his musical other half. Having fallen in love with the idea of a duo in the same male-female vein of Johnny Cash & June Carter, he reached out to singers around New York and friends who may know a female vocalist to complete his vision. Danielle Bouchard was who he found. A mutual friend set up the two and since then they’ve created a name for themselves based upon their positive lyricism and a sound befitting a group from a much smaller town.

“I feel like there’s enough sad songs in the world, so it’s nice to write something on the more hopeful, optimistic side,” states Bouchard. Atlantic to the pair shortly after the release of their debut EP, With Love, and ultimately, it was a sense of home that brought Oh Honey to choose Atlantic. The close knit vibe they got from Atlantic’s crew was important to the pair as they declared the value in having a team genuinely interested in the music and their best interests.

“We’re really fortunate to have great managers and just a great team of people,” Bouchard says.

“I had known a handful of them for several years, just being around the city and whatnot and it all meshed,” Collins adds. “It all just felt safe and kind of easy, like it was the right fit.”

“You’ll get a lot of doors slammed in your face before you hear one ‘yes.’”

Though the singers found their match, it wasn’t without down days, which is why they urge artists to keep the faith when times seem dire.

“We’ve been at this our whole lives and you’ll get a lot of doors slammed in your face before you hear one yes,” Bouchard explains. “But if you love it and you want it, you have to keep fighting for it.”

The duo are currently hard at work on their debut full-length as well as hitting the road with the Fray for the summer. With Love is available now on iTunes. – Victoria Patneaude