HARMAN and Little Kids Rock launch Jam Zone

HARMAN & Little Kids Rock Launch Free Music Education Hub Jam Zone

For the first time, Little Kids Rock, the nonprofit provider of popular music instruction, is offering video lessons, song charts, practice guides and other resources online for free to inspire fans of all ages to make music. Together with its partner, HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated, Little Kids Rock is launching Jam Zone powered by HARMAN, an online destination devoted to making learning how to play music fun and easy.

Research shows that making music positively impacts learning development and brain function and more so than simply listening to music. However, 1.3 million elementary students in U.S. public schools do not receive music lessons, and only 17 percent of U.S. public schools require music courses as part of their curriculum.

Jam Zone aims to make it easy and less intimidating to learn to play an instrument so music fans of all ages can reap the benefits of rocking out. The mobile-friendly design makes finding song charts, lessons for specific instruments or tips on how to write and produce a song simple and accessible so children, parents, students, teachers and fans everywhere can make music anywhere. More than 200 video lessons and jam-alongs with guided step-by-step instructions are available. Users can make music using technology and a wide array of instruments including guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, ukulele, vocals and more.

“The world of music does not stand still and nor can the world of music education,” says David Wish, founder and CEO of Little Kids Rock. “Over the past 50 years, technology has radically changed every element of music making. The way music is being learned, created, distributed, consumed and shared is changing at lightning speed. We are thrilled to receive support from HARMAN, a preeminent global leader in the fields of music recording, production and premium listening experiences, to ensure our programs are relevant and provide the latest tools and expertise for music education.”

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Since partnering one year ago, HARMAN’s support through its global cause initiative, HARMAN Inspired, has helped Little Kids Rock’s music education programs impact more than 1,300 schools. HARMAN has bolstered the Little Kids Rock program with advanced technologies and access to music experts for more immersive and current experiences. The collaboration to create Jam Zone marks a critical expansion of their relationship to inspire and support music fans of all ages, inside and outside the classroom, and around the globe. In addition, during the month of October 2016, HARMAN will donate $5, up to $50,000, towards global music education programs for every photo tweeted featuring fans using Jam Zone.

“HARMAN has supported legendary artists like Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton and many others for more than 65 years—music is in our DNA and we want to foster that same passion among fans through Jam Zone,” said Paula Davis, Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications, HARMAN. “The goal of Jam Zone is to learn your favorite songs and get hooked on music making for life. Jam Zone helps fans get over the intimidation of learning an instrument by making it easy, accessible and free. No matter your skill level or age, it’s never too late to learn to play an instrument and gain the benefits of music for the mind, body and soul.”

Through partnerships with more than 120 school districts across the country, Little Kids Rock provides innovative curriculum and donates the accompanying instruments and resources necessary to teach popular music. Using these methods, students have been able to learn their favorite music quickly and gain an immeasurable sense of accomplishment.

HARMAN is supporting Little Kids Rock and music education through HARMAN Inspired, the company’s global cause initiative empowering the next generation to realize their possibilities through music, technology and service.

For more information, visit littlekidsrock.org.