Greyston Elects Danny Goldberg to Board

DannyGoldbergGreyston has announced the election of Danny Goldberg to the Greyston Board of Directors. In 1992 Goldberg became an executive at Atlantic Records where he became President in 1993. He was briefly Chairman of Warner Bros. Records in 1995 and was President of Mercury Records and then promoted to Chairman of the Mercury Records Group from 1996-1999. In 2000 he started Artemis Records, an independent label. In 2006 Goldberg left Artemis to become CEO of Air America Radio. He returned to the music business with Gold Village Entertainment in 2007 and started GoldVE in 2010, where he now serves as President. Contact Jonathan Greengrass, VP of Development and Public Relations, at 914-376-3900, ext. 295.