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Why Guitar Tuning App Is Gaining Advantage In Music Industry

No matter how great of a guitarist you are, you won’t produce great and pleasing music if your guitar is out of tune. This is why tuning your guitar is very important, especially before playing the instrument in public.

In previous times, the only way to tune a guitar is by using your ears. By simply listening to the sounds that the guitar creates, one can already fine-tune the instrument. While many individuals can easily do this, there are still others who find the task challenging and daunting.

Luckily, though, there are now several options that can be used to conveniently tune a guitar.

Ways To Tune A Guitar

There are several ways to tune a guitar. You can do it by ear, which is normally deemed as the "old-fashion" way, by using an electric guitar tuner, or a guitar tuner app. All of these ways have their pros and cons. But using an app is the most convenient.

  • By Ear

If you have been playing guitar or attending guitar lessons, certainly, you already know how to do this effectively. But, if not, the process may be a little tedious as you need to tune every string manually.

Basically, you have to start with the thickest string or E. You have to ensure that you know the sound it makes when played or strummed. So, from the start, if you fail to recognize the right tune of this string, you cannot effectively proceed with the process.

  • Using Electric Tuner

Using an electric tuner is a lot easier than tuning by ear. This is because the gadget will already tell you how much you need to adjust per string to fine-tune the guitar.

The gadget will read the sound waves that each string produces. The readings will appear on its screen, which you can compare with exact reading that you will need to tune the guitar.

However, this is an additional cost since you have to purchase the tuner separately. Also, there are cases that one may lose the gadget at certain events.

  • Using Guitar Tuner App

Among all the ways to tune a guitar, using a guitar tuner app is the easiest and most convenient of all. It functions like an electric tuner, but, it is free since you only need to download and install the app on your smartphone.

Accordingly, you can bring it anywhere with you without worrying about the storage and safekeeping. Also, these apps come with other features like tabs and chords. So, one can maximize such apps when in use.

Guitar Tuning Apps Today

A guitar tuner app is a free and easy-to-use application on your smartphone when you need to fine-tune your guitar. Whether you are using an acoustic or electric guitar, these apps may help you.

Today, this option has been deemed as a revolutionary tool in the industry. Not only because it is very convenient and effective, but it also because it is functional as it comes with many features that can help one's skills with playing guitars.

In this day and age, where technology has become more apparent, apps have become very beneficial to everyone. Aside from the fact that they are always readily available, everyone has a smartphone to use. So, it's like having a tool that you always have with you.

The same goes for guitar tuner apps. You can bring it anywhere and anytime with you. Moreover, it is free of charge. This is why many guitarists and musicians have become more dependent on guitar tuner apps.

Both beginners and pros have been found to utilize such apps. Aside from helping them with their guitar-tuning activities, these apps can also help in other ways like ear training, chord familiarization, and chord-track keeping. And these are only some of the main advantages of using a guitar tuner app today.

Advantages of Using A Guitar Tuner App

As mentioned, there are a lot of benefits that one can get from using guitar tuner apps. Aside from the ones given above, here are the others:

  • Customization
  • String Tuning Suggestions
  • Applications support all guitar instruments
  • Connectivity with electronic instruments
  • Mentions frequencies
  • Accuracy
  • Instructions to change the strings
  • Guitar Maintenance Guide
  • Single-tone Chord generators
  • Metronome
  • Quick tuning for ad-hoc sessions
  • Chord library

While not all guitar tuner apps may offer these features and functions, most apps today normally offer most of these things. This is why it is not surprising why many individuals who are fond of playing guitars would rather choose to have such apps for fine-tuning than doing the old fashion way or an electric tuner.

It is worth noting, however, that other apps may include in-app purchases. In short, there are certain features that may require fees in order for the user to utilize them

Disadvantages and Cons

Guitar tuner apps have their downsides as well. Unfortunately, the built-in microphones in smartphones are not primarily designed to detect music. So, there are arguments and debates when it comes to the full reliability and efficiency of the apps.

In the end, though, many are still claiming that using such apps has become very beneficial, useful and effective to them when they need to tune their guitar quickly.

How Guitar Tuner App Works

Similar to electric tuners, guitar tuner apps work and function the same way. While apps may vary its processes and ways to accomplish a fine-tuning of a guitar, the overall dynamic and principle are just the same.

With the help of the smartphone's built-in microphone, it will allow you to fully tune your guitar properly. In each string, these apps would normally show the accurate reading of the sound waves it needs for the right tune. When you strum a string, it will automatically show you how far or near you are to the right figure.

So, if the strings of your guitar fall short or otherwise from the ideal range of figure, this is the time that you will need to adjust the strings. And in less than five minutes, you can already properly tune your guitar.


All in all, it is not surprising why guitar tuner apps are gaining an advantage in the music industry. With all of the benefits and advantages, it is only logical why many people are becoming more reliant and dependent on these apps.

While it may not be the most accurate and perfect way to tune a guitar, these apps still work. And many experts make use of them.


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