HARDY & Morgan Wallen @ SoFi Stadium – Los Angeles, CA

Performing for a sold out crowd of 50,000 in Los Angeles, HARDY and Morgan Wallen did not
disappoint with back-to-back passionate performances and serious crowd engagement,
following opening sets from ERNEST and Bailey Zimmerman.

Hitting the stage in a Lakers shirt accompanied by a shirtless drummer and feisty guitarist /
backing vocalist, HARDY opened with hard rocking country and telling the crowd he was going
to f*#k them up, and flipping them the bird. In case you hadn’t heard, this is not your
grandma’s country music. Singing songs about love, loss, drinking and hunting, HARDY got the
crowd riled up and ready to party. Opening with “Sold Out,” “Kill Shit Till I Die” and
“Jack”—with a very Kings-of-Leon-esque drum intro and southern rock vibe—the crowd was on
their feet singing along, with the chants intensifying on “Boots.” Hit track,
“Wait In The Truck” was another standout, opening with acoustic guitar and pure country
vocals and adding Lainey Wilson’s vocals via huge video screens flanking the stage.
“Unapologetically Country As Hell” brought a great guitar solo and stellar drumkit and stick
work. Hunting jam “.30-06” raised the intensity yet again with the crowd singing along fiercely,
before adding first responder anthem “Give Heaven Some Hell” and “4x4,” which started with a
slower opening grind that ramped up to heavy southern rock. “One Beer” got the audience
jumping, with a stadium singalong for 2019’s hit “God’s Country.”

Returning from the intermission, Morgan Wallen took the stage with a sports announcer-type
full band introduction, kicking things off with singalong “Up Down.” The crowd remained
committed and on their feet, singing every word of the 90-minute set. With relatable, down-to-
earth lyrics, Morgan is easy to love, and the crazed stadium was engaged from start to finish.
Wallen’s multiple wardrobe changes shifted styles between a punk rock vibe, to shorts, to
jeans, and the show included phenomenal stage lighting and video, along with surprising

Slow rolling country ensued with “I Wrote The Book” and the only thing missing was a dance
floor. New track, “One Thing At A Time” (which the crowd already knew word-for-word)
followed, with clapping and stomping through “Everything I Love” and Wallen showcasing some
guitar skills on “98 Braves” (with lyrics ‘If we were a team, and love was a game, we would have
been the ’98 Braves’). Fan favorite, “You Proof” brought a giant singalong session before “Ain’t
That Some” brought the first round of pyrotechnics – including giant flame throwers mid-
stadium (you could feel the heat from the side upper rows of the building).

“Sunrise” and “Still Goin Down” brought a great easy flow (and continued stadium singing)
before Wallen returned to his first hit song, “Chasin You” (from 2018’s If I know Me). Wallen
continued with a cover of Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up,” engaging phone flashlights across the
stadium and prompting an engagement in the audience. After giving a shoutout to his mom in
the audience, Wallen continued with “Thought You Should Know,” bringing beautiful harmonies
and inflections before adding ballad, “Sand In My Boots.”

Bringing HARDY up to join him for “He Went To Jared” and ERNEST up to share the stage for
“Cowgirls,” Wallen presented as humble and appreciative, taking time to thank his band mates,
crew and family throughout the evening, as well as giving major kudos to his supportive fans.
His salt-of-the-earth demeanor and strength as a songwriter shone through and he connected
easily to the entire stadium with his relatable stories.

Fan favorites, “Wasted On You” and “More Than My Hometown” were fabulous, the latter
sharing a retrospective video/photo montage with baby pictures rotating behind him on the
stage. “The Way I Talk” brought more smoke machine and pyrotechnic action before the encore
delivered “Heartless”—with more intense chanting from the crowd and cool video graphics
playing behind the band. “Whiskey Glasses” closed the night with an over the top drum solo
and pyrotechnic finish. A stadium of happy people left satisfied with a great performance