Houston’s First-Ever Emo Nite at The Undrgrnd

Emo Nite continues its takeover, spreading to other cities across the nation. For the first time ever, the notorious night of festivities made a stop in Houston, TX. Despite the chilling weather, fresh off days of ice-over city, The Undrgrnd venue filled with music lovers ready to rock out in sweaty nostalgia.

This milestone in Houston was organized by Teresa and Orlando, but it wasn’t their first rodeo. The duo have been collaborating with the trio team of founders in Los Angeles— Babs, TJ and Morgan—with Dallas as their first Texas date added to the Emo Nite tour. Teresa reflects, “We're having fun in Dallas, and I think people are having fun, so we thought, ‘Where else do we go?’”

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They’ve tested the waters in Austin, TX as well, and Houston was the next major target. Orlando was hopeful of the first night’s expectations, “We’re hoping to grow it. Gonna see how it goes.” Teresa added on her optimistic outlook, “We just want everyone to come out and see how they like it. Hopefully they’re like, ‘We’re into it,’ and we keep doing it in Houston.”

In a nutshell, Houston’s Emo Nite met expectations above and beyond—save the first hour of hip-hop, which rendered some nitegoers antsy with impatient anticipation. Hip-hop does indeed start off the night in L.A. but never for that long. Once the night kicked off with traditional Fall Out Boy, the crowd finally let their hair down, headbanging and rocking out.

Notable named guests from the scene took a spin at the DJ turntables at Emo Nite Houston—Makeout’s bassist Alex Lofton and Myka Relocate’s singer Michael Swank—and both excelled at maintaining the hyped up atmosphere by continuously playing fan favorites as well as rocking with the crowd at the edge of the stage. With the addition of utilizing a Spotify playlist curated by the Emo Nite team, no songs were repeated the entire night, which remedied repetitive set lists in the L.A. scene. Nitegoers’ ears were graced with a wide variety of song selection from the likes of usuals such as Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Panic! At the Disco, Say Anything, amongst many others to “never forgotten” gems such as Cartel, Dashboard Confessional, My Chemical Romance, Forever the Sickest Kids and more. Each song erupted the crowd into one unanimous cheer and roar followed by synchronous singing of every lyric and melody met with everyone’s eardrums.

In true Emo Nite fashion, the night not only served as a fun night out with friends, but also making new friends through the mutual love of this genre of music. Whether in the middle of the pit or waiting in line at the bar, nitegoers linked arms and wrapped arms on shoulders scream-singing at each other theatrically, truly bonding over the music and the messages of unity within the lyrics. Any person from any walk of life, different background, different story, came together in a night of nostalgic music. And as if by fate, mere acquaintances who met months ago on the Warped Rewind at Sea cruise reunited and continued their musical bonding at Emo Nite.

For its first tryout, Houston successfully embodied the vibes of a standard night of Emo Nite L.A. From the setup of the venue to the rowdy crowd—circle pits, stage dancing, crowd surfing—the energy closely resembled the feeling of rocking out Emo Nite L.A. Before the end of the night, the DJ’s made sure to play the anthems to remind nitegoers to celebrate and embrace their unity—nods to My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade” and “Helena (So Long and Goodnight),” ending the night with Fall Out Boy’s “Thnks fr th Mmrs.” Thus, at the crack of 2 a.m., nitegoers walked out of the venue with a musical high equivalent to a concert, and sleep was far from the mind.

Local artists looking to get involved with Emo Nite dates in Texas can reach out to the Emo Nite TX team through social media, namely on Twitter. Teresa sits at the helm of social channel activities, “If I’m hanging out on Twitter, scrolling around, [and] someone DM’s [(direct messages)] me, that’s probably the first point of contact that I would get.”

Needless to say, Emo Nite Houston will return to The Undrgrnd again on Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018. For tickets, visit ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1636456.

For more information and to stay in contact, visit twitter.com/emonitetx.

Text by Siri Svay

Photos by Travis Aaron Poston and Awn Rocha

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