Music App Deepr Receives Black Founders Funding

Deepr is a start-up and innovative user-friendly app founded by former Motown Records Director of Business, Darrell Thompson, and Austin Webster, a specialist in product and software development for various Fortune 500 companies. The app makes music discovery easy by pairing with Apple Music or Spotify and sharing the full credits behind the music. Deepr lists songwriters, song producers, featured artists, background singers, and more. A user can easily go *deeper* and click on any of the creator's names for links to bios and direct Deepr to generate a playlist.

Singer and songwriter, Eric Bellinger shared via Twitter, "Luckily now we have @deeprmusic the app that allows you to create playlists based off your favorite songwriters & producers discography!"

Co-Founder, Darrell Thompson brings over 30 years of experience in the music industry to Deepr's leadership. He began his career as an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles as Director of Business at Motown Records. His current and former clients include Jay Z, The Black Eyed Peas, En Vogue and more.

To date, Deepr has raised $300k in pre-seed funding and is seeking another $1.7m, with a mission to compel its consumers to become loyalists, while also inspiring future founders. Thompson was recently a mentor during the Revolt Summit x AT&T Office Hours, coaching attendees about what to expect in the music industry. The app also received funding from Google For Startups' brand new Black Founder's Fund to continue creating innovations in music discovery and even analytics.

Get an idea of how Deepr works by viewing this brief video.