IES Pop Songs

Great Pop Songs & Artists Wanted for Acclaimed Series on SONY

The HOT NEW HEAT! series released on SONY is the "indie style versions" of the worldwide successful line, NOW. The POP series WANNA PARTY! is celebrating the 6th edition of its acclaimed 20 Hot New Hits’ series and is finalizing the next editions. The WANNA PARTY! series features 20 of the most catchy, infectious songs from daily worldwide submissions.

The series is seeking new submissions in all forms of Pop including Pop Funk, R&B Pop, Latin Pop, Pop Country, Dance Pop and other variations. It is being honored at this week’s IES—Indie Entertainment Summit from Aug 9-11 in L.A., during the Inauguration: Induction of the Legendary Motown Records. The series is also being honored at the closing ceremonies and afterpart during the induction of Elvis Presley—featuring an All-Star band and celebrities singing their favorite Elvis classics all night.

To submit Pop songs for the series, email Soundcloud links or MP3s to [email protected]. To request a pass to attend the IES Inauguration & celebrity-filled Induction of Motown this Friday, Aug. 9 at 10 am at LAEMMLE Theatre in North Hollywood, submit your name in an email to [email protected]. For a pass to IES Honors Induction of Elvis Presley, send your name in an email to [email protected].

It's also your last chance to get the special Music Connection 3-Day pass offer to the IES Music Conference (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). To take advantage, email [email protected].