Audiam Launches Music Royalty Tracking System

Audiam has launched an all-inclusive income tracking system called Layla. Featuring an easy to use online application Layla provides music publishers a simple and customizable overview of:

  • Top royalty generating compositions
  • Which music services are producing the most revenue
  • What each composition earned by music service
  • The exact number of streams each composition produced across recordings
  • The per-stream royalty rate each music service paid

Layla also lets you:

  • View and listen to a comprehensive list of every existing recording of a song, including versions not previously identified by copyright holder
  • Watch each monetized YouTube video
  • See the composition royalty rate for each YouTube video
  • See how much each recording generated in royalties, the per-stream rate in each service and more


Audiam’s Layla not only displays the data in easy to understand ways but also analyzes and assures the data is accurate. It simplifies administration, recovers earned but unpaid royalties and ensures publishers and songwriters get paid quickly and efficiently for every a penny earned.

"How can a music publisher expect to collect all of their money if they don’t have a list of all the things making it for them?" asks Audiam CEO Jeff Price. "The Layla system sifts through mountains of data to help find all the recordings and YouTube videos of a song, tracks the uses, collects the money and identifies what is and is not being paid on. The end result is more money going into the pockets of the songwriters and publishers."

Publishers and rights holders interested in working with Audiam should contact: [email protected]