Hardgroove Seeking Artists for Endorsement and Brand Partnership Deals

Public Enemy's Brian Hardgroove is working with MusicXray to offer artists and bands the chance to partner with a brand sponsor or endorsement company. Hardgroove likes synergistic partnerships and hopes to find great acts he can introduce to some of the brands he works with. Although he’s a hip-hop artist, this opportunity is open to artists in all genres.

“If your profile is rising and you have a growing fan base, I want to hear from you,” Hardgroove states. "Record contracts are difficult to attain and arguably far less beneficial to an act. Endorsement and brand partnership deals, however, are much easier to realize and can be instrumental in helping a self-sufficient act reach a profitable margin. That’s a valuable advantage in today’s marketplace."

This opportunity is not for musicians who are just starting out. It’s for acts that are touring, have a measurable following and already have a draw on the road. Those who meet those criteria should submit a link to a video of a live performance via musicxray.com. There is a small submission fee and no deadline.

Photo from Gibson Guitar