Hardcore Duo Thrillrot Sign to Lost Future Records

California label Lost Future Records has announced the signing of Denver based duo THRILLROT. The band's ultra-tight rhythms and creative dynamic shifts have earned them a growing following. Their forthcoming new album on Lost Future will be announced soon.

"I am very excited to announce that Denver based duo Thrillrot have signed to Lost Future for an LP to be released in 2025," writes label chief Ben Kaplan. "Their latest EP, B.O.S., immediately blew me away and I reached out to Noah and Mason the day after I heard it. These guys are super talented and focused on making something unique and artist driven which is what we are all about here at the label. I think on a full length album even more dimensions of this band will emerge and create something that all fans of metal will appreciate."

Thrillrot is a two-piece metal band from Denver, Colorado known for their intense and energetic sound. The duo blends relentless drums, searing guitars and vocal savagery into a feast of fury, showcasing a raw aggression that resonates with listeners as much as it incites. With each performance, the band aims to be not just heard but felt, with the visceral nature of the genre always at the forefront.
On The Web: thrillrot.com