GIG with Mike Redman: JDM Music + Sound Founder Joel Dean

JDM Music + Sound is a well respected company located in the heart of LA. Primarily they create music for trailers, you've heard their work on  Monkey Man, Wonka, Marvel Studios ‘Secret Invasion’, The Equalizer, The Brothers Son, Good Mother, Fast and Furious, Scream as well as a long list of other high profile film properties.

"Forging the path for JDM Music + Sound is composer and founder Joel Dean. I've had the pleasure of watching his career for several years as it's blossomed into one of the leading music houses in Los Angeles. He's a down to earth guy, family, man,  an extraordinary composer, and businessman. I'm really delighted to have him on GIG With Mike Redman today, every time I talk to Joel, I walk away, feeling smarter somehow." - Mike