Gary Douglas

The Gary Douglas Band Debuts New Single

Americana roots rockers The Gary Douglas Band are releasing their new single, “Monkey Off My Back,” which marks the third single from their forthcoming sophomore full-length album, Wild Life (due out in February 28).

The album’s lead single “Deep In The Water (Redeux)” was written based on Douglas’ first-hand experience dealing with the devastated families living along the Ohio River in Ohio and West Virginia experienced. Along with co-writer Darrell Brown and producer Anthony (AJAX) Resta, they capture the heartbreak and untimely death of those affected by DuPont which, for years, was dumping the cancer-causing chemical C8 in the drinking water and the environment. Being the trial lawyer called in to help bring justice to the residents, Douglas won a series of settlements in the multi-district litigation, earning more than $700 million in punitive damages after jurors agreed DuPont had acted with a “conscious disregard” for the health and well being of the families.

Click here to watch or share the music video for “Deep In The Water (Redeux),” directed by David McClister

“This song was really a labor of love—the lyrics especially,” says Douglas. “It’s the true story of a small town humble farmer from Parkersburg, WV, who took on the corporate giant DuPont with the help of an unlikely hero, lawyer Rob Bilott, who will be portrayed by Mark Ruffalo in the upcoming blockbuster Dark Waters. It was my honor to pen this song along with co-writer Darrell Brown—multi Grammy-nominated country songwriter—as one of the people who witnessed these incredible events firsthand.”

“Deep in the Water (Redeux)” will support the upcoming feature film Dark Waters (starring Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway) releasing later this month. Dark Waters (Focus Features) was inspired by the true story of attorney Robert Bilott (Ruffalo) who investigated DuPont’s cover-up of their illegal dumping and disseminating of toxic chemicals to Ohio’s surrounding communities of 70,000 people. Bilott quickly brought Gary Douglas’ firm on to defeat DuPont and their corruption. Click here to watch the official trailer for the film.

Robert Bilott’s recently released his new book entitled Exposure, which describes the 20-year battle against the chemical giant and the exposé of one of the worst cases of environmental contamination in modern history. The book details Douglas’ involvement in the DuPont case and his role as lead trial counsel.

More details about The Gary Douglas Band’s new album, Wild Life, will be announced in the coming weeks.