Frequency Peaks & Dips Explained

You've just completed a mix in your studio. It sounds great on your speakers. Then you take it to your car or listen on some headphones, and now it sounds muddy and boomy.  What just happened?  Here's the answer: Even though it seems like your speakers sound great, they might not be telling you the truth in your room. Frequency Peaks and Dips are extremely common in home studios, even with some acoustic treatment.  

But if you don't know these peaks and dips are there, you overcompensate for them as you mix.   In this real home studio measurement below, there is a huge dip from 50Hz to 100Hz that the studio owner didn't realize was there.  So his mixes were always way too bass heavy when he listened in the car. He always had to remember not to mix his bass too high.

So what can you do besides spending THOUSANDS on professional room treatments that still may not fix all the problems? The team at Steven Slate Audio developed a solution that is helping tens of thousands of music makers with this common problem. Click below to find out more.