Marshall Updates its AR-DM61-BT Monitor

Marshall Electronics has reintroduced its AR-DM61-BT multichannel digital audio monitor, now available with Dante capabilities. The AR-DM61-BT-64DT also includes built-in live video monitoring and can operate as an audio/video QC solution for a range of applications including TV stations, broadcast trucks, transfer stations and house of worship facilities.

The AR-DM61-BT-64DT provides versatile audio analysis functions, and professional QC monitoring of analog, digital and networked audio sources. As the first audio rack unit with an intuitive 10-inch-wide LCD touchscreen, the AR-DM61-BT-64DT can display up to 64 audio channels or isolate any pair for detailed, 96-step analysis. Its slim 1RU design includes powerful stereo speakers with volume control so they can be adjusted in quiet and loud environments along with multiple convenient display modes. The AR-DM61-BT-64DT provides convenient and intuitive control that allows users to visualize their entire network (64-channel simultaneous display) or zoom in on any pair of channels to examine them more closely by using 96-step precision bars, with a simple touch of the display.

“The AR-DM61-BT-64DT is the only audio monitor that is equally at home with your existing formats (SDI, AES, Analog, Dolby and MADI) and modern networked digital formats, including Dante™ networked audio,” says Greg Boren, Product Marketing Engineer at Marshall Electronics. “Additionally, the AR-DM61-BT-64DT includes a built-in web server for saved channel mixes, system settings and updates. Its speakers are able to be turned up pretty loud, which is especially useful in some environments.”

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