Celestion Releases Vox Two Notes Impulse Responses

Celestion, the premier manufacturer of guitar and bass loudspeakers and professional audio drivers for sound reinforcement applications, is pleased to announce the new Vox Cabinet (Two Notes) Impulse Responses. This Two notes format collection of IRs has been captured by Celestion’s IR engineers and delivers the unique tones of Vox Amplification’s speaker cabinets. The new Two notes format IRs which feature three of Vox’s legendary cabinets loaded with classic Celestion speakers, are available for audition and download at CelestionPlus.com.

The new Vox Two Notes Impulse Responses capture the distinctive tones of Vox cabs loaded with legendary Celestion speakers using the unique Two notes IR recording method. The cabinets include:

  • VOX V212C 2×12 open back containing two Celestion G12M Greenbacks
  • VOX 212 HWX 2×12 open back containing two Celestion Blues
  • VOX V412BN 4×12 closed back containing four Celestion G12M Greenbacks

Each Vox (Two Notes) cabinet impulse response has been recorded with eight microphones using the exclusive Two notes DynIR recording protocol, allowing the end user the virtual freedom to move the microphones around the recording space and to use the Overload Parameter (available in the Wall of Sound software and Torpedo Studio hardware) to push the speakers into distortion if desired, for an almost limitless number of tone options.

This particular range of Vox Cabinet (Two notes) impulse responses is available for download for use with the proprietary Two notes Torpedo hardware and software only. (Celestion’s original classic collection of Vox Cabinet IRs is available for download in .WAV format for compatibility with the majority of DAWs and amp modellers.)

The new Vox Cabinet (Two notes) Impulse Responses from Celestion are available for purchase individually or as a full collection for a significant discount.

The Vox Cabinet (Two notes) Impulse Responses join the collection of other IRs available in Two Notes format such as: Blackstar Cabinet (Two notes) Impulse ResponsesNeo 250 Copperback (Two notes,) Laney cabinets (Two notes,) Orange Cabinets (Two notes,)  Celestion Ruby (Two notes,) Suhr Cabinets (Two notes,) Celestion Blue (Two notes,)  G12M Greenback (Two notes) and Vintage 30 (Two notes.) 

Visit CelestionPlus to explore the extensive family of genuine Celestion acclaimed guitar speaker Impulse Responses.