Fender Release The Limited Edition Cory Wong Stratocaster

Fender is releasing The Limited Edition Cory Wong Stratocaster® in two new colorways: Daphne Blue and Surf Green. Wong’s history with the Fender brand runs deep. As a teenager, he fell in love with the sound and feel of the Highway One Stratocaster. His signature model is a modernized approach to that same guitar, thoughtfully modified to meet the needs of players today. The scaled-down alder body – slightly smaller than a typical Stratocaster – combined with a Modern “D” neck and sculpted body contours deliver a sublimely comfortable playing experience. Outfitted with a set of Seymour Duncan® Cory Wong Clean Machine™ pickups, this guitar provides a classic Strat quack and chime, fine-tuned to achieve Cory’s distinctive tone. 

Recognized for his incredible funk chops and inventive lead work, guitarist, producer, and arranger Cory Wong’s soulful playing with Vulfpeck, as well as his Grammy-nominated solo work have earned him a loyal following and led to sold-out arena performances. 

When asked about the new colors, he said: “I’ve wanted to release the Cory Wong Stratocaster in other colors since the original Sapphire Blue Transparent version was released in 2021. I'm a visual person and believe the look of a guitar can affect the approach one takes to playing it. Certain instruments can draw things out of a musician, and the vibe of the instrument definitely plays a role in that. With the release of these two new colors, my goal was to provide players with a guitar that exudes a bright, fun energy.”

To learn more, visit fender.com.