Waves Ships Key Detector Plugin

 Waves Audio is now shipping the Waves Key Detector plugin, an AI-powered tool capable of precise key detection for any sample, track or full mix. Key Detector optimizes workflow by integrating seamlessly with Waves vocal tuning and harmonizing plugins. 

Waves Key Detector is an indispensable time-saving tool for all music makers. Finding your key has never been easier. With the powerful Neural Networks® engine developed by Waves, it accurately determines the root note, identifies whether the scale is major or minor, and also presents two alternative scale options.  

Using Key Detector is simple: just insert Key Detector, play the track, and let the plugin’s neural networks engine analyze the track: In seconds, you will receive the song’s key / scale.  Key Detector can give you the accurate key, even if the track is slightly off-key. Key Detector will even suggest the two next most likely scales: simply click “Alternative Scales” to see them. 

In addition to finding the key of any track, Key Detector also serves as the perfect companion to Waves’ vocal tuning and harmonizing plugins: For smooth vocal tuning and harmonizing workflow, you can effortlessly transmit the detected key to the Waves Tune Real-TimeWaves TuneWaves Harmony, and OVox Vocal ReSynthesis plugins. Just click the “Transmit” button, and the detected key will be sent to all active instances of these plugins. (Note: These associated plugins need to be updated to the latest v14 version, released on the same day as Key Detector, for this feature to work: To make sure your plugins are updated to the latest version, follow the steps in this article: https://www.waves.com/support/update-to-latest-version)  

Waves Key Detector features:

  • Can analyze any audio source: single melodic lines, Multi instrument samples, or full mixes
  • Precise key detection powered by Waves Neural Networks®
  • Saves time and manual work: intuitive and easy
  • Transmits the key to Waves Tune Real-Time, Waves Tune, OVox and Waves Harmony (latest v14 version) 

To learn more about Waves Key Detector, click here


“AI Powered Key Detector Plugin: Find, Transmit, Make Music”: https://youtu.be/CTr0y8BUfH4

“Find the Key of Your Song Easily | Waves AI Key Detector”: https://youtu.be/cj__3JsA3mA