Art Rock LA is Center Stage at CenterStaging

On the evening of Saturday, Dec. 9, music and art collided in Burbank, CA as ART Rock LA took center stage at CenterStaging. The event was sponsored by Freckled Zelda, a recording artist and influencer, who captivated the audience in a Princess Zelda costume complete with antlers and elf ears.

Freckled Zelda not only sponsored the event but also delivered a mesmerizing performance blending original compositions with covers. The highlight was her new rendition of “Butterflies,” where the Ocarina, a sweet potato-shaped flute, added a magical touch to the evening.

Powerhouse vocalist EMM also performed. Sets by Trinity Bliss (Avatar) and Tim Johnson Jr. (Disney Channel, Nickelodeon) added to the musical diversity on show. Ryan Story closed the event with a set of classic rock favorites.

The primary focus of the evening, however, was to support The Guitar Center Music Foundation’s fundraiser, led by Myka Miller Jimenez. A silent auction that included signed guitars and memorabilia contributed to the noble cause of fostering music education.

The CenterStaging Artist Relations building, typically home to offices for brands like Roland, PRS, and Ernie Ball, was transformed into an art haven. The walls were decorated with framed art and canvases, showcasing the work of musicians who also paint. For example, JD Shultz, the singer-songwriter of Human Brother, contributed iconic classic rock star art on acrylic glass.

Rising art world star Jessica Downs displayed large canvases featuring abstract likenesses of deceased music legends, including Chester Bennington, John Lennon, and Jimi Hendrix. Separately, from Star Trek fame, 20-time Emmy-nominated Dan Curry showcased original art, including some of his Klingon designs. Music composer Joel Doeuk presented his own metal and resin sculptures in explosive imagery.

Marvel artist Christian Cordella showcased his Pennywise, the clown from the IT movies, while Madrid-based artist Kala Carela added a touch of gothy darkness to the artistic spectrum. From Matt Carmody, attendees saw drip-style pieces paying homage to Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, and Joe Cocker. 

FATHOM Art, curated by Francis Coiro, took over the space previously occupied by Fender, treating attendees to rare classic rock photos from the gallery’s Rock Iconix Collection. Also on view were dozens of paintings and fine art prints from FATHOM’s roster of international contemporary artists, plus a selection of work from seminal Los Angeles graffiti and mural artists. Notable images included a one-of-a-kind 3D rendering of Madonna before she became the pop icon we know today.

The ambiance and lighting of the event were provided by Modern Illumination, ensuring each painting in the entire Artist Relations building was individually highlighted. PRS Guitars Artist Relations executive Winn Krozack entertained with a mesmerizing performance on the 7-foot Yamaha Grand Midi Disklavier. Performing artists were supported by Renkus-Heinz Audio on stage.

The event’s production was a collaborative effort led by Sammy Oriti, CenterStaging’s General Manager Will Kerlick, and Freckled Zelda’s manager Rick Wilson. 

Though the holiday season has come and gone, we at Music Connection encourage readers to consider the gift of art. For those interested in exploring the collection further, private showings are available by appointment on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Contact [email protected] or call 310-985-5511 to schedule your visit and bring the magic of music-infused art into your life.