Favorite Signing Stories

Favorite Signing Stories of 2019

Sarah Rogo

Label: Funzalo Records
Type of Music: Blues/Americana Management: Michael Lembo and Dan Agnew - Mike’s Management
Booking: Michael Lembo and Dan Agnew
Legal: Roger Cramer
Publicity: Dana Gordon, [email protected]
Web: sarahrogomusic.com
A&R: Michael Lembo and Dan Agnew

Attending a good music conference can be a key component of a successful career these days. Ask Sarah Rogo.

Nearly two years ago, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist moved from the east coast to Encinitas, CA. Like many budding musicians, she relocated in search of her artistic goals and dreams. The blond-haired National and Fender guitar endorsee immersed herself in the San Diego scene, performing at every restaurant, coffee shop and venue that would have her.

Things took an upswing when she attended the Durango Songwriter Expo in Ventura. “I was standing around watching a showcase and struck up a conversation with this guy Mike. We had a good feel for each other. I didn’t know he was a manager. He ended up hearing me play later that weekend,” says Rogo. Michael Lembo became, not only her manager, but is also owner of the label she eventually signed with, Funzalo Records.

Since she was very young, Rogo knew she wanted to dive deep into the music industry. And working with the team at Funzalo Records, she expressed how she is able to accomplish that. “I knew working with Michael and the label were a good fit, because I have the artistic freedom to be creative and do what I do,” says Rogo. “Their goal is to release ‘real music’ and not some mass produced kind of sound.”

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