Favorite Signing Stories

Favorite Signing Stories of 2019

The War and Treaty

Label: Rounder Records
Type of Music: Soul/Americana
Management: Mark Cunningham - Red Light
Booking: Buster Phillips - WME
Legal: Jeff Colvin - Marcus & Colvin
Publicity: [email protected]
Web: thewarandtreaty.com
A&R: John Strohm - Rounder Records

There’s a deal on the table from a prominent label, but are you truly ready to sign it? Should you wait?

Michael Trotter and Tanya Blount-Trotter are the Americana and rootsy soul-infused duo who, since forming in 2014, have achieved tremendous acclaim culminating in a pivotal 2017 performance at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville. “Nobody knew who we were” says Michael. But over the past few years they built an impressive buzz and, even Emmylou Harris gave them an artistic boost by introducing them. From that landmark performance and Buddy Miller’s personal endorsement and tutelage, better gigs and opportunities followed.

Playing subsequent events like Bonnaroo and the Newport Folk Festival caught the attention of Rounder Records’ head John Strohm. Says Michael on their relationship with Strohm. “He wanted to sign us right away, but we didn’t feel we were ready. So we signed with Thirty Tigers instead and released our first full album Healing Tide in 2018.” But Michael and Tanya kept in touch with Strohm and their inevitable partnership finally emerged. “It really was a no-brainer going with Rounder,” explains Michael. “A lot of our favorite artists are on the roster and John has always believed in us and our message within the music.”

The War and Treaty’s Rounder Records debut is scheduled for release sometime in 2020.

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