Famous Company seeking artists for special project

Famous Company Seeking Unsigned Artists for Special Art Project

The Famous Company has recently commissioned a celebratory image of Skepta, who last year received the mercury prize for album of the year. In addition to this, the Famous Company is also celebrating with special commission from Pop Culture artist Nathan Wyburn.

Skepta’s image will be a mosaic created from small images of unsigned musicians and artists from across the world. Unsigned, self-funding musicians who want to be part of the project are invited to participate. Musicians are instructed to read through the submission terms and conditions and upload a photo of yourself on the website. One hundred percent (100%) of approved images submitted will be used, which aims to be an avenue of having artists immortalized in this special mosaic.

Each person who submits an image will have the opportunity to purchase a one-off limited-edition print once the piece has been unveiled. Artists will also receive a free limited edition Skepta post card.

Once the piece has been unveiled, it will be auctioned off to raise money for unsigned musicians in the U.K.

For more information and to upload your photo, visit thefamouscompany.com/unsung-heroes.