Eventide announces Quadravox sale

Eventide Unveils Quadravox Harmonies Plug-in Sale

Eventide has announced the sale of Quadravox, a four-voice, diatonic pitch shifting plug-in available for VST/AU/AAX. Developed using technology from Eventide’s flagship H8000FW studio processor, Quadravox includes per-voice controls for delay, detuning, panning and feedback to create everything from otherworldly harmonies to groovy sequences.

Whether in a studio building a choir from a single voice, creating the perfect harmony or adding futuristic dub echoes to beats, users can download the free demo and check out what they can do with Quadravox.

Features include:

• Unique Notation Grid presents pitches on a traditional music staff with a quantized grid for placing notes over time allowing for a more musical programming experience. Color and brightness indicate pan and level for each voice.
• Optimized for multiple instances and works great on monophonic synths, guitar and vocals
• MixLock keeps the wet/dry mix of the effect static as you scroll through presets or user-defined snapshots. KeyLock does the same for the Key and Scale.
• Randomize function randomizes an amount of micro pitch shift resulting in simulation of natural character for each of the four voices.
• Pitch-tracking "off" mode allows it to shine on polyphonic and rhythmic sounds.
• Quadravox is on sale for $49 until Oct. 31. (MSRP $99)

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A fully functional 30-day demo version is available. Quadravox is included in the Anthology X bundle and also available with the Ensemble subscription package.

For more information, visit eventideaudio.com.