Happy Lives DIY artist spotlight

DIY Spotlight: Happy Lives

Happy Lives is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Mike Lande, who recently relocated to Los Angeles from NYC. In true DIY fashion, Lande writes, plays, produces and creates the enigma that he calls Happy Lives.

But in a world of one-man-bands and bedroom producers, how does one stand out from the pack? If you think like Lande, you break through sound and genre and rebuild them in your own image.

While some might find a lack of genre consistency in the music, many fans find the diversity and dynamics refreshing in a world of monotony. After all, pop music has endless forms, and straddling it all is Happy Lives.

Indeed, Lande uses his ear for pop and self-awareness to create songs that explore the complexities of modern sexuality. Lustful desires and wide-eyed romance loom large in his music. While the songs are written as fictional vignettes, we see tinges of Lande’s own love life as a colorful mess.

This artist takes the lead in all of his work––commandeering art direction and social media, designing his own cover art and directing his own music videos––not only to make sure his vision is realized, but also to do so in the most low-cost/high-quality way possible.

It is difficult to predict where Lande will take Happy Lives. But, with a debut EP set to drop this year it should be an exciting journey.

For more information, check out happyliv.es.