Kady Rain - DIY spotlight

DIY Spotlight: Kady Rain

Kady Rain, a blue-haired pop aficionado, might be the only person who ever took the recorder seriously. In fact, she could play “Yankee Doodle” faster than anyone at her elementary school. But she couldn’t sing and play the instrument at the same time, so she moved on because she knew that, more than anything, she wanted to sing.

By age 11 Rain organized a 20-person slumber party to create, in her eyes, the perfect performance.

At 13 years of age, she took guitar lessons, “to learn the entire Beatles catalog.” She would also sing karaoke on her front porch for all the cars passing by.

When Rain was 15, she formed her first band, the Pickpockets. Her first show was at the Broken Spoke, an infamous honky-tonk venue.

Rain continued to play shows throughout high school and, as fate would have it, a classmate named Doug Helsel was in the audience. He would become one of her collaborators, producing all the tracks on her debut EP, All I Ever Wanted.

Through her 20’s, Rain cycled through various musical projects, including a stint as the frontwoman for a sludge metal band, and took a cross-country trip for inspiration.

By 2014, she realized she needed to get serious about her career, and had someone in mind for a new project, Ben Bazzrea. They worked together at Starbucks and would talk about music for hours.

Noticing the similarities in their visions, they decided to team up. Two years later, the All I Ever Wanted EP was released to rave reviews.

For more, see kadyrain.com