DIY Spotlight: Valley Shine


A cat photo on Instagram inspired the formation of this DIY band. Merging in a most uncommon way, Jenna Blake and Sam Sobelam met after a few “hearts” and “comments” were exchanged over a photo of a cat that Sobelam had posted.

Blake was immediately smitten with the kitten and conversation quickly erupted from that point on. Soon after, they met up and discovered their mutual appreciation for music and a distinctive musical chemistry.

It is through that conversation that Valley Shine was born. In a few short months, after a couple of writing sessions influenced by whiskey, laughs and some banjo pluckin’, they wrote and tracked several songs for their rapidly developing fan base.

Commuting between Orange County and Los Angeles, the dynamic duo began to develop their unique folk-pop sound.

The band’s debut single “Sugar Dream” premiered on Baeble Music and set the tone for what will come from this indie pop band. Upon first impression, the track catches you with its positive and happy exuberance. However, when peeled back, the lyrics reveal a sad love song with heart wrenching undertones.

This unusual juxtaposition is just the start for the duo as they strive to take the norms of the music industry and turn them upside-down with their out-of-the-box approach.

Valley Shine will be releasing their debut EP LOCA in early Fall 2015.

For more information, you can go to valleyshineband.com and Instagram.com/ValleyShine.