EDM Duo CHRON Signs Sponsorship Deal with Mr. Music


Boston-based music store Mr. Music announced that they have signed a sponsorship deal with the Electronic Dance Music Duo: CHRON, based out of Miami, FL. The multi-year deal is a joint venture with the Boston-based AnR Entertainment.

Under this deal, Mr. Music will provide Christianna and JDub (the duo that make up CHRON) with the sound system, lighting and special effects for CHRON's 'Electronic Dance Experience' show touring early next year. Mr. Music will also provide resources for image consulting, choreography, marketing and assistance with creating and producing the 'Electronic Dance Experience' show.

Andrea Barone, co-owner of Mr. Music, has been watching CHRON develop over the last year and believes it is time for the 'Electronic Dance Experience,' all ages high-energy show to begin touring the United States and beyond. Ms. Barone states, "Christianna & JDub are multi-talented in that they sing, rap, write and produce their own original songs and also perform today's popular songs."

Ms. Barone goes on to say, "After hearing CHRON's single 'Bass In Me' and seeing their electrifying show, I believe that our investment can help CHRON go to the next level."

Rick Lewis, manager of CHRON, says, "With the investment and resources Mr. Music is bringing to CHRON, it now allows us to be laser focused on not only CHRON's music but also on CHRON's show, which is equally important to Christianna & JDub."