DIY Spotlight: The Zoo Human Project


This acoustic trio, composed of Derek Martinez, Jen Cordero, and Kevin Sakamoto, have overcome challenging odds. They’re a project of medical failures. But, where they failed physically they succeeded musically.

Drummer Kevin suffered brain tumors and epilepsy, but manages to keep his head in check while studying percussion. Guitarist Derek had open-heart surgery--—but the staples in his sternum couldn’t keep him from performing just two months later. And vocalist Jen is an emotional sponge who’s just waiting to see what’s in store for her.

But, it’s not those maladies that brought them together, it was the music. It packs a punch, utilizing dueling guitars, three-part harmonies, and an array of world percussion. Reviewers describe their musical concoction as soulful, sonic sweetness—Dave Matthews meets Idina Menzel meets Chad Sexton.

Their accomplishments are impressive even without considering their challenges. In 2006, they decided to quit their full-time jobs and tour nationally.

Since then, they’ve completed three self-booked, national tours. With each tour their profits doubled through merchandise sales and venue guarantees. They support community charities and benefits, which are vitally important to them and have been honored with many “Best Of…” accolades and continue to garner airplay across the country. And if that wasn’t enough, the group keep in touch daily with their fanbase and release weekly “ZooTube” music videos for those who can’t come to a show.

The Zoo Human Project understand first-hand what it takes to be thriving, entrepreneurial musicians.

Visit http://thezhp.com