EastWest Releases Hollywood Fantasy Voices

EastWest has completed yet another chapter of their new Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra: Hollywood Fantasy Voices.

Hollywood Fantasy Voices allows the composer - with only a few words - to transport the audience into a world far away from home.

EastWest recorded singer Merethe Soltvedt’s majestic voice, along with full male and female choirs to provide ethereal, floating vocals that capture the essence of battles, lost kingdoms, or emotional trials. Merethe lent this library the same power and grace she brings as the lead vocalist for Two Steps From Hell. What’s even more impressive, she recorded all the words for the Hollywood Fantasy Voices library in Tolkien’s Elvish language!

Key Features:

Forget complex CC automation; simply hold a single note and let Merethe’s haunting vocals do the rest! Switch between Lyrical (for dramatic, dynamic vowels) and Vibrato (for higher-energy sustained vowels) to instantly add a mysterious, regal topline to your scores (think Howard Shore’s Evenstar from The Two Towers). Every note is rich with emotion and magic, ready to add to the fantasy orchestra.