DIY Spotlight: The AJAY Project

DIY-The Ajay Project

Celebrating the universal message of love and respect, The AJAY Project released a multi-lingual single that honors mothers worldwide. The song, “You Made Me” presents 10 vocalists who contribute a variety of native languages to the track, including a Hindi version and an English version.

Originally penned by project leader, AJ Satsangi, it is dedicated to his mother. The track delivers a heartfelt devotion to all the moms of the world, acknowledging a mother’s unconditional love and appreciation.

Keeping to a DIY spirit and approach, the AJAY Project asked fans to comment on its YouTube page and nominate their favorite charity to receive donations, so that the project could encompass people around the globe.

AJ Satsangi’s journey to music has been far from easy or conventional. Despite a strong desire to pursue music, the accessibility to instruments and musical education is scarce in his home country of India. And, besides the limited resources, the profession of a musician is looked down upon. So, after graduating from college, he moved to Hollywood, CA to pursue his musical aspirations and has worked with numerous artists and musicians as a producer and co-writer.

Throughout his hardships and triumphs, Satsangi was determined to start his own project and follow his own rules, which provided the spark for the AJAY Project.

The intention of the project is to remain DIY and continue to inspire and honor people, especially mothers, around the world in various ways.

Visit http://theajayproject.com

By Bernard Baur