Up Close: Soundcheck Studios



Serving Fellow Musicians: A hard rock drummer and former drum department manager at SIR, David Lee launched Soundcheck Studios as a 24-hour lockout rehearsal facility in 2005. Converting an empty warehouse to a dynamic 28 room facility--—ranging in size from small drum rooms of 10-ft x 10-ft to full size band rooms of 20-ft x 25-ft to a full showcase room, each with a 17-ft ceiling-—he developed a comfortable, safe environment with a creative vibe. In addition to minimal “noisebleed” between rooms (thanks to six inches of airspace between two walls with sound board insulation and drywall), the North Hollywood facility has central A/C and heat in all rooms, secure gated parking, closed circuit TV monitoring and easy load in/out. It was also one of the first studios in L.A. to offer free wireless Internet access.

soundcheck2The Revamped Showcase Room: The crown jewel of Soundcheck Studios has long been Room #3, a 30-ft x 40-ft space with a 20-ft x18-ft stage and drum riser. It has been used by everyone from Idina Menzel to Filter as well as members of Rage Against the Machine. With a recent extensive remodeling, it has evolved into a live rehearsal and showcase room, completed with a full concert style, 4-way PA system. The room is now fit for optimal audio and video quality, with black velvet curtains wrapping around the walls to give the sound engineer complete control. It has LED lights and an available Pro Tools rig. The dynamically outfitted room includes a new private full bathroom with shower stall and is ideal for industry showcases.

The Grand Re-Opening: Though Soundcheck Studios has been open during remodeling, it will soon be celebrating its Grand Re-Opening. Lee says, “The building, now more than ever, has a musical artistic vibe. We had a graffiti artist do mural artworks on the doors of each room and in our new lounge area. We moved the vending machines into the walls themselves, added lounge chairs and a charging station. We ultimately want Soundcheck to become a hotspot for many up-and-coming artists, and a springboard for their success.”

Contact Soundcheck Studios, 818-823-8774

By Jonathan Widran