DIY Spotlight: Maj3sty

Singer-rapper Maj3sty was a kindergarten teacher and mental health counselor before taking on music full time.

“When I was younger, I went by the stage name Liric,” he says. “Other than that, I was a janitor before, I worked a whole bunch of different jobs just to make ends meet. I realized counseling children and even teaching kids —that’s where my passion came about. I told myself, if I can do music that can cater to the rest of the world and help kids, and their families, that would be my goal in the direction for the music.”

Maj3sty says that his sound doesn’t fit into one particular genre, preferring to define it as an “awakening” or “revelation.”

“It’s very revolutionary,” he says. “It’s made to help the listener grow into a better version of themselves. I want to hit emotions and trigger something within a person. I want to open their eyes.”

Spirituality is important to Maj3sty. That approach has served him well, seeing him open for Moneybagg Yo, Ann Marie and Polo G at the Crown Complex in his home of North Carolina. On top of that, he’s the CEO of his own label.

“I’m really big on ownership,” he says. “When I was going through harder times in my life, I was trying to pray a lot. I was trying to listen. I started listening a lot to Nipsey Hussle right before he passed away. I realized that chasing validation or a stamp of approval from another label or major label, that’s only going to get me so far. I want to own my stuff, I want to make sure I can control our message within my own abilities.”

To Maj3sty, the term “DIY,” when applied to music, means “ownership, vitality and longevity.”

“I think when you do things yourself, and with a purpose, you end up doing it for a long time,” he says. “If you’re owning your own stuff, and becoming a student of the game, and not trying to just be a teacher and think that you know everything, a lot of doors open without you having to force it.”

Maj3sty’s latest single is “Last Trumpet,” and there’s more to come.

“I went on a hiatus and promised myself, God and my family, that I wasn’t going to put out another song until I feel as if God told me to,” he says. “I’m looking to do more shows in the Raleigh area and throughout NC.”

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