DIY Spotlight: CZARINA

Before taking the leap into music, CZARINA, also known as Vero Faye, spent her time as the creative director and founder of the famed footwear and accessory brand, Ivy Kirzhner New York. With a design aesthetic true to her own unapologetic rocker persona, her footwear collection became a global sensation, with a long list of celebrity clientele including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Ke$ha.

Following her fame in fashion, Fye entered the music industry spotlight with a new focus on her first and true passion. Not just another synth-pop artist in an already saturated scene, CZARINA exudes seduction and melodrama with her smokey, powerful vocals, reminiscent of atmospheric ‘80s synth pop.

Faye took the reigns on her most recent single “Silence & Surrender,” writing, composing, and arranging the song before working with Joe Peretore to lead production, synth and sound designs. With an intrinsic eye for creation, Faye handles all of the branding and creative direction for the project, including directing the music video for “Silence & Surrender.”

“The song talks about letting go of control, surrendering, free-falling and dismantling the layers of protective armor to allow faith and trust to penetrate,” Faye explains. “It has a very sexual undertone which signifies a liberated, untethered, fearless attitude toward the changes that come with acceptance, growth and self-discovery.”

With her heart and time now dedicated to CZARINA, expect to see the forthcoming EP Painted Holograms out later this year.

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