DIY Spotlight: Corday

CORDAY-DIYCorday has all the qualities of a DIY artist... ambitious, brave, determined and innovative. As a result, she is living her dream and making a living with her music.

Corday began performing as a singer-songwriter in coffee houses while working as a high school teacher (Drama and English). She formed a duo, which led to an all-girl band, but they disbanded after releasing their first record.

Undeterred, she continued as a solo act, eventually forming another group called Corday and the Curious. Totally committing to music, she made a gutsy decision and resigned from teaching—perhaps the scariest transition for any artist. But that’s what real DIY artists do.

Knowing that she needed steady income, Corday devised a plan that gave her multiple opportunities to make money, and created several different approaches to help her succeed. She shortened the band name to Corday, co-founded Envy Records to release her own albums, and decided that she would play any gig that generated money.

She plays private parties, home concerts and, whenever possible, festivals. She formed Corday Under-Cover, a professional cover band that plays corporate events and special occasions. She even conceived Corday’s Classic Rock Revolution, a tribute show to iconic classic artists that includes costume changes to reflect the flavor of each act. Most recently (as an openly gay artist), she offered her services––with a cake and champagne toast—for same-sex weddings.

By fearlessly expanding her options, Corday has become a successful DIY artist.

For additional information, visit http://corday.net.

By Bernard Baur