DIY Spotlight: Aubrey Logan

Singer-songwriter and performer Aubrey Logan is no stranger to fame, regularly amassing almost 3 million video hits whenever she delivers one of her unique swing-tinged, trombone-enriched pop covers to Postmodern Jukebox. Now, the girl who was “too jazzy” for Simon Cowell on American Idol has taken a new step into the limelight to release her debut album Impossible on Sept. 1 via Fuel Music.

Logan was told that the album, an eclectic collection of genres and sounds, would be incredibly difficult to market—that cross-genre albums were too challenging. Well, she is working hard to defiantly prove those naysayers wrong. That sort of resolve goes with the territory of a fiercely independent artist.

This record is the epitome of “defying the impossible,” hence the title Impossible. Eccentric, eclectic and enthused, Logan doesn’t adhere to genre rules—it’s just not her nature. In fact, this sassy femme fatale has an insatiable appetite for entertaining her audience and doesn’t believe that we should be confined by genre parameters.

The title track is the story of Logan’s musical mission in life; her battle to deliver a non-genre fitting sound, which others said simply couldn’t be done. But, she knew that if others thought it was impossible, then she was onto something.

Indeed, Impossible is a fiercely passionate serving of defiance. It presents Logan stripped and raw—the real Aubrey—delivering dark verses interspersed with bright, choruses. She firmly believes this record is for anyone who loves music enough to go beyond genre constraints.

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