DIY Spotlight: Molly Roth and Qupid Shoes

DIY-Molly RothSMALLYou’ve got the look and the vocals to match. But when it seems every avenue has been explored, how do you promote yourself as a musician in a hot, new, fresh way? That was the question North Carolina-born DIY artist Molly Roth was pondering when the pop-soul songstress decided to try a new direction.

Securing an endorsement with fashion brand Qupid Shoes, Roth created a mutually beneficial marketing strategy where she provides a face for the Qupid brand. In return, she’s provided with shoes to build her seductive look for photo shoots and videos, as well as having her music featured by the company on a variety of media.

By teaming up with a partner that brands her image across multiple media fronts, Roth is able to reach many more people than she could on her own.

A driven artist, Roth is a natural entrepreneur. She formed her own music wedding business at 14, received a full scholarship to study at the Gold Country Piano Institute for classical performers at 16, and by the time she was 17, she was out of the house chasing her musical dreams.

Roth has made a name for herself on the pop scene as an old-school songwriter with a complementary pin-up style. In fact, her single, “Pin Me Up,” highlights the artist’s classic sound while displaying her love for a modern pop twist.

In the process, she has received many accolades and awards, including winning the “Nevada County’s Got Talent” Contest.

For more information on Molly Roth, including her new single “Hypnotized,” (produced by Daniel Ford), visit MollyRothMusic.com.