DIY Spotlight: Trillium Vein


Trillium Vein (aka Natalie Paige Bentley) is a one-of-a-kind DIY artist who combines her music with multimedia environments. In fact, she created her own alternative world, called by some fans. “Planet Trillium,” which is reminiscent of Tim Burton’s work.

Her music, a version of alternative rock and symphonic orchestration supported by haunting vocals and spellbinding lyrics, paints extraordinary pictures.
She’s had music videos in rotation on MTV2, MTV.com, MTVHive.com and FUSE.tv. She also created an award-winning multimedia masterpiece which includes a fantasy interactive film and website, and concept CD and Storybook which earned the “Domtar’s Award of Excellence” and “ForeWords Multimedia Book of the Year.”

Via her award-winning storybook and interactive website, Vein’s music has streamed on multiple Internet outlets, including Jannus Live Music Channel and Women of Substance Radio. She has also scored music for independent productions and directed and produced award-winning music videos for other artists.

Vein created all of this DIY style with the support of fans, friends, social media and networking with industry. “Basically,” she says, “I teach myself how to do ANYTHING and do it over and over until I can do it myself. I do that because it’s cheaper and my vision doesn’t get distorted.” She believes anyone can do it and encourages other DIY artists “to just go for it.”

Most recently, she released her latest record, Planet Trillium, and will be getting nationwide radio exposure via John Flanagan’s Radio & Marketing company (a frequent Music Connection resource).

To learn more, go to trilliumvein.com