Depeche Mode

Flashback 1993 - Depeche Mode

“The word dark is used sometimes [to describe Depeche Mode’s music], but I think it’s quite uplifting,” says Fletcher, who reveals that the title Songs Of Faith And Devotion was chosen because of the album’s more “spiritual” nature. “We give a lot of pleasure to people. I don’t think we’re gloomy at all.”

“In the end,” reiterates Wilder, “it all comes down to quality songwriting.” He says Depeche Mode has been able to dodge the censors and hook a large audience precisely because of its knack for stitching together hummable, if somewhat darkly original songs.

“It really comes down to the presentation. You can get away with a lot if it’s concealed within a nice tune,” says Wilder with a bit of a knowing chuckle.

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