David Corlew Celebrates 40th with Charlie Daniels Band


David Corlew, long-time manager of Charlie Daniels, celebrates his 40th Anniversary with The Charlie Daniels Band organization this year.

“It’s amazing all the things Charlie and I have done together,” says Corlew. “Charlie is like no other artist in this business. He understands it’s a business and he has loyalty.”

Corlew started with the Daniels organization in Spring 1973, where he was the lone crew member on the road. “Charlie and I did it all,” adds Corlew. Running the roads in two Chevy vans, Corlew helmed the one carrying the musical equipment.

A short time later, Corlew advanced to become Daniels lighting director/stage manager and soon road manager. “I have filled practically every job on the road you can fill, and I don’t regret one thing. I learned so much in those days that it makes me more effective and understanding today what our road crew has to deal with.”

Traveling the roads with The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers Band, and Rod Stewart was a thrill for the young Corlew. “We were touring with rock bands. Charlie was known as a rock act until the Urban Cowboy days came along.”

Then in 1988, Corlew became Daniels manager. “That was a day I will never forget. Becoming Charlie’s manager was like receiving the ‘stamp of approval’ and I have since become his ‘partner’ of over 16 years in Blue Hat Records.”

Now 40 years later, CDB, Inc. located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, is the home of all things Charlie Daniels. “We have all of our publishing entities, recording, and brand management in-house. We have started making documentary films with our main focus on fundraising and supporting the troops.”