CreativeLive: Free Guitar Tech Workshop


CreativeLive "Music & Audio" announced an upcoming course, "Guitarist's Tech Workshop," set to stream live for free on March 23 from 9am - 4pm PST / 12pm - 7pm EST. In this two-part course, guitar and tube amp masters, Kurt Bloch and Ben Verellen, will demonstrate exactly how to get the best sound out of your gear, including the basics of setting up your guitar and a full rundown of how tube amps work and how to keep them sounding great.

For more information and to sign up for the free class, head to CreativeLive "Music & Audio" at creativelive.com/courses/guitarists-tech-workshop-kurt-bloch-ben-verellen.

Upcoming "Guitarist's Tech Workshop" instructor, Bloch, is not only Gibson Guitar's in-house guitar guru, he's well-known in the Seattle music scene. He formed the seminal punk band, the Fastbacks, and has producer credits for his work with the Presidents of the United States of America and Tokyo Dragons.

"Guitarist's Tech Workshop" co-instructor, Verellen, started Verellen Amplifiers in 2000 and now has a full-time staff churning out handmade custom tube amplifiers for some of the most respected artists in rock and metal. He also fronts Helms Alee, a rock band based in Seattle.

To stay tuned to CreativeLive's "Music & Audio" channel or for more information on other upcoming classes, visit creativelive.com/audio.