Jingle Contest Seeks Artists


B Walker Shoes and Urban Threshold Enterprises are seeking artists for the B Walker Shoes Jingle Contest. The objective is to record and perform an original jingle that you’ve written, describing the attributes of the footwear company’s wares. The entry submission must have a minimum of two shout-outs to B Walker Shoes, and include the following statement: "If It Doesn't Say B Walkers of London It’s Not Official." The contest is open to singers, rappers and bands.

The Grand Prize winner will receive $500 in cash and prizes. You are eligible if you are at least 21 years of age and are a U.S. resident. Just upload your jingle to YouTube and label it as "B Walker Shoes Jingle - Your Name." Then email the YouTube link, your full name, stage name, age, phone number, city and state to [email protected]. Only one submission is allowed per entrant.

The deadline for entries is April 15. The winner will be announced on May 25. For further details, go to bwalkershoes.com.