Close Up: Omega Studios


Specializing in Music Production Since 1968: One of the oldest recording studios in America and one of the few successful state-of-the-art facilities specializing in live recording, Omega Studios in Rockville, MD (part of the greater Washington D.C. area) has hosted everyone
from Def Leppard, Michael Bolton and Mya to the Washington Opera and the U.S. Marine Band. The studio has also served the major networks
 for TV specials, including feeding live shows broadcasting from down-town Washington venues with live remote orchestras in the studio. With exceptional acoustics, a wide selection of analog and digital equipment, vintage keyboards and other instruments and top of the line mics, Omega has hosted artists and bands in a wide variety of genres. Omega’s Studio A, which comfortably records live groups of up to 70 musicians, has also made it the go-to studio for international music publishers.

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Four State-of-the-Art Rooms: Studio A, featuring a Neve VR-60 60x48 with Flying Faders Automation and Total Recall, is designed for live instrumental and vocal production. At 50’ x
40’ with 20’ ceilings, it hosts ensembles of all sizes and styles—jazz trios, 65-piece orchestras and heavy metal bands. It also has iso rooms and a large control room. Studio B is designed for live recording of moderate sized instrumental or vocal groups and overdub tracking. Studio C serves as a 24-track (analog or digital) room and as a vocal narration/ radio and advertising production studio. Studio D, with its Avid/Digidesign Icon console, is dedicated to digital mastering, editing, mixing and audio for film and TV.

Engineering School: Founded in 1977, The Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences is a top engineering school with a comprehensive music business program. It is dedicated to training recording engineers and providing technical education for people aspiring to work in the recording and TV/film industries. Omega’s 20,000-square-foot studio/school complex’s extensive array of multi-tracks, synthesis, MIDI and acoustic recording equipment is integrated into the school curriculum. The Omega programs provide experience on industry-standard “heavy hardware” found in the largest and most influential studios in the world.

For more information, visit omegastudios.com.

By Jonathan Widran