Christine Wu: From Houston Symphony Orchestra to The Voice, American Idol

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Christine Wu is a classically trained violinist, formerly tenured with the Houston Symphony Orchestra, who reinvented herself to work in the recording, TV and film industries. She is seen regularly on shows such as The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Spike TV’s Video Game Awards, the GRAMMY Awards Telecast, The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Her talents allow Wu to find work easily in the classical, pop, film and TV worlds.

That’s a good thing because as the woman who is single-handedly redefining the term “Multi-Talent” points out, “It’s all part and parcel of the same thing.”

The parts of the whole seem far flung to most artists but it’s her versatility across genres that sets Wu’s work apart. “It’s helpful to offer a few things in a package,” she points out. “Film and TV are always changing and the artist has to reinvent him or herself for each project. I look for the opportunities that may not be obvious.”

Wu notes that musicians are specialists making it hard for them to see the other side of the business. This blindness leads careers down blind alleys.

The way is wide open for Christine Wu. To further her career, she’s learned production and the construction behind jingles. She’s become versed in digital audio and, most importantly, learned the business side of the entertainment business.

This is one artist who isn’t done learning yet. “There’s always a lot of opportunity when things are changing,” she says. Some change is being spearheaded by Wu herself. She is creating a multimedia project which incorporates original music with dance.

“Make plans while you have other things going,” she tells others. “That’s how I got closer and closer to what I wanted to do.”