Album Review: Sleeping With Sirens -- Feel

355492Sleeping With Sirens • Feel • Rise Records • Producer: Cameron Mizell • Score: 5 of 10

The meteoric rise of Sirens, founded in 2009, should portend great things for the Grand Rapids, MI quintet. With more than 1.4 million Facebook fans and over 95 million YouTube views, intense anticipation no doubt surrounds the June 4th release of their third full-length recording. Yet careers built quickly often crater as rapidly and SWS seem unlikely to escape this fate. Marked by tepid lyrics and lead vocalist Kellin Quinn’s piercing ululations, Feel’s post-punk species of radio-ready rock just never stands apart. Highlights include “Congratulations,” featuring Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire, album closer “Satellites” and “Alone,” which boasts bad boy rapper Machine Gun Kelly. But mentioning these bright spots seems hollow, as even these tracks come across dull and awkward. Feel may fill you up, but isn’t likely to satisfy. - Andy Kaufmann