Album Review: mmhmm by mmhmm (7/10)

Hannah Fairlight and Raelyn Nelson are the irrepressible duo known as mmhmm (yes, all
lower case!). It certainly is a curious, albeit fun name to emphasize and say. And it is that goofy and amusing spirit that stems from the group’s collective personality and approach to music. The duo’s harmonies and rich and right on and infuse a hefty amount of humor and drive to infectious singles such as “Aw Hell” and “Let’s Get Together” to love songs like “Coy Boy” and “Blue Eyes.” “Mama’s Little Yella Pills” is sort of a take on The Stones’ “Mother’s Little Helper” and they even include an uptempo bluegrass-fueled cover of REO’s “Take it on the Run.”

Rating: 7/10

Red Distribution
Producer: Brad Jones